It is hard to imagine that in the not too distant past the custom and practice of being adorned with tattoos was actually frowned upon. Some would argue that this fashion is still in many ways not totally embraced by the world at large. But if the current trends continue we are looking to a future where individuals in even the most conservative of professions will openly display their body art. For the youth of today, nearly every role model among athletes and entertainers have transformed their bodies into living works of art – with each tattoos representing some special significance. From dates of birth to dates of death, names of family and loved ones, mottos, creeds, ideologies and philosophies, the human body has now been reduced to little more than a billboard. The Holy Bible warns the Children of God not to follow the fashions of the world or to print any marks on their flesh. How then has this once taboo practice become the norm for an entire generation? Join us today for another installment of “From Darkness to Light” as we use the words of Jesus Christ and the Holy Scriptures to wipe clean “The Skin Deep Evil of Tattoos.”








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